Welcome to the Salus Agency


Thinking Differently and Being Rewarded for It

Lots of people like to claim to be different, but then fail to deliver on their claims. The Salus Agency is a an independent insurance and financial services agency based in Vermont, but has achieved a nationwide footprint as it does business all across the country.

Independence, We Mean It

Our business cards do not have the name of anyone company at the top and we do not represent any company in an agent capacity. We are proud to be in business and work for our clients. Our goal is to ensure we sort through options to bring the best options to the client on their behalf. We have found this is the best practice to ensure long standing relationships and to earn the right to meet our clients’ friends, family members, and colleagues, which is the most cost effective marketing available.

Dedicated to Helping you Protect your Most Valuable Asset

We believe insurance products are the corner stone to any good financial plan, and this subject is our area of specialty. We’re happy to explain how these products fit into financial plans. We are an often sought out resource by individuals and industry professionals to assist with the complexity and implementation of insurance regarding financial plans for both personal and business applications.

We are also the owners of the Insurance Pro Blog